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The combination of market and industrial area is the need for the development of

There is a problem that cannot be ignored, that is, our hardware manufacturing enterprises must put national interests as the most important thing, and must not engage in unfair competition because of their own interests.

China has a vast territory, and the conditions for economic development in various regions are quite different. The hardware industry also has obvious regions. This is related to my country's national conditions and is also a characteristic of my country's hardware industry.

The Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta have become the fastest growing regions in China. In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone has become the fastest growing region for foreign investment. Under this situation, Jiangsu's hardware industry has a huge advantage, and this advantage can be maintained and improved through the expansion of the radiating hinterland.

For other domestic hardware industry bases, we must first see that there is a comparison to know the deficiencies, and there is competition to develop. However, the development of various hardware industry belts will inevitably adhere to the healthy competition between the various industrial belts, which will also benefit all The vitality of the regional hardware industry is enhanced and the economic growth rate is accelerating.

The market must be connected with local demand and industrial development, and the hardware market is no exception. This is the need for the development of the socialist market economy.

Our country exports more than 10 billion U.S. dollars of hardware products every year (excluding the mechanical and electrical products in the broad concept of hardware), but the real earning is very little. This is a problem that is very worthy of attention in my country's hardware industry, and it is also a fundamental problem of my country's hardware industry. .

The primitive accumulation and wealth accumulation of my country's hardware manufacturers have not reached a certain level. Therefore, it will take a long time to expand and strengthen the hardware accessories industry, which is inevitable.

In the process of internationalization, we have to deal with challenges. Hardware accessories must first do their own thing, build a good platform, and integrate resources.