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Innovative technology and brand are the road to a strong country in the hardware

Due to the rapid development of hardware accessories production technology and the impact of expensive labor, developed countries have accelerated the transfer of medium and low-end products to the third world, and only produce some high value-added products themselves.

In Europe and the United States, as the design of architectural hardware products in developed countries is easy to install and maintain, do it yourself products and tools are very popular in the market.

The export of hardware products in my country only earns 3% of the total export value, which is not only a matter of technological content, but more importantly, a brand issue.

Brand includes a lot of content, including service, reputation and so on. Credibility is gold, and doing business with integrity is the fundamental way. If the hardware products we produce are sold under our own brands instead of other brands, our GDP will be doubled.

At the same time, to expand and strengthen my country's hardware industry, the intervention of large consortia is a key factor.

How to create a brand commensurate with the hardware accessories market in China is a problem that we urgently need to solve.

With the entry of WTO, a large number of well-known international brands will also flood into China. This is what we often call the wolf coming. There is nothing terrible about the wolf coming, the key is that we have to have a good shotgun to stop it.

The development of the production and marketing of my country's hardware industry must follow the domestic and international trends and move towards internationalization, and use new marketing to promote the development of enterprises and create an international concept.

my country's hardware products have almost no internationally renowned brands. Except for the first domestic company to obtain the "China Well-known Trademark" for sliding rails and hinges in the household hardware industry, there are relatively few well-known domestic hardware companies in China.

I believe that after a period of hard work, more and more brands of Chinese hardware products will be established internationally.